Operation Build Your Website Yourself

You’re heartily welcomed to this page. There’s only ONE reason why this page was created which is to let you know that you can build your website yourself. Because building a Website after all isn’t a rocket science. You may however be wondering why should you have a website?

Simply put, You’ll need Website for the following Reasons


➑1. Having a website ensure that your business is not limited by its geographical location. It’s the only way your business can reach out to the rest of the world.

➑2. It allows you to provide potential customers with vital information about your products and services; thus marketing your business and pulling in customers.

➑3. Website is the most cost-effective marketing tool as against broadcast media such as TV, Radio & Print ads which are very expensive with no guarantee of ROI.

➑4. Your website is always available on the internet. It therefore ensures round-the-clock online presence for your business even when you’re sleeping.

➑5. It gives you quick means to interact with your potential customers’ inquiries which establishes trust and rapport in the long run.

Oh, you already know all the aforementioned importance of website but you still don’t have one for your business. The chance is you’re equally fazed, just like many other people, with the following FOUR issues


The Four Major Reasons why You Probably Don’t have a Website for your Business Yet.

πŸŸ₯Reliance on Social Media. You’re probably one of those people that rely solely on Social Media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, to showcasing your business. Of course it isn’t a bad idea; but there are more than tens reasons not to solely absolutely on them. One major reason why you shouldn’t which you can’t argue with is that those platforms are not yours. Are they? Obviously not. Thus if they decide to shut you out, there’s virtually nothing you can do about it. Or let’s say they wind up, it then means your business online representation is gone. It’s just wise to have your own platform, and simply use social media platforms to promote it.

πŸŸ₯Funding. The truth is, the cost of engaging someone to build your website for you could be costly especially for small business owners who actually need it most . Some website designers charge between 70k and 150k which of course you may not have a budget for.

πŸŸ₯Unscrupulous Website Designers. Even if you have the budget, you may be so unfortunate with a website designer who’s not honest and faithful to his bargain with you. They may fail in the agreed timeline to finish the job. Some of them may even demand for more money such that you just decide to abandon the project.

πŸŸ₯The Exactness of Vision. This is a peculiar problem to most creative people. There’s a way you want your website to look in design but you can’t just convey it exactly to whoever that wants to help you build it unless you do it yourself.

What’s the Way Forward to Having Your Business’ Website?

Build Your Website Yourself #OBYWY

We’re poised to guiding you with step-by-step implementation to building your website yourself . In fact, within 5 days, depending on your commitment though, you may build your dreamed website and be happy with it. Be it Personal Blog, Business, or E-Commerce. The question now is, why should you consider us to help you? Well, it’s simple. We’re once in your shoes but we successfully deciphered the solution; and we care enough to show you. That’s fair, right? Yes and yes.

We believe that what you should be thinking on now is, how do we want to help out? Actually, it’s pretty simple. We want to guide you build a brand new website yourself. So far you’re ready with the following required conditions, then it’s a deal.

Terms of Participation on Operation Build Your Website Yourself #OBYWY

➑1. You must register on our online membership platform, Club-1000, where the step-by-step video tutorials are made available amongst other life-changing video courses and PDF short reports. You can register with as minimum as ₦1,000. It is important that you do this first so that you can have necessary information before you dabble into the exercise of building your website.

➑2. Since the training is purely practical, you must have fund for your Domain Name and Hosting. A sum of ₦3,400 for your Domain name and between the sum of ₦4,500 and ₦23,000 for your Hosting depending on what you can afford. We shall however not hesitate to guide you on the best option when it comes to choosing Hosting package.

Get your Hosting & Domain on: SmartWeb

In case you don’t know, Domain is the name of the website you want to build, e.g facebook.com is a Domain name; while Hosting is the Cyber space where your website will be hosted for it to be accessible by people online globally.

These two things must be bought from a good hosting-service provider. You’re not giving us this money to do it for you but you’ll rather be directed to buy them yourself. This is actually the first step. This is what shows your readiness.

You’re advised to go for at least BUSINESS Package on SmartWeb as it is from this package onward that you can leverage on to host multiple domains; meaning you can have more than a website on that hosting plan.

Get your Domain Name and Hosting HERE

➑3. Having fulfilled the above two terms, you can actually build your website yourself following the step-by-step implementation as presented in the video tutorials. However, there’s a chance that you’ll need some help while building your website. Thus we want to provide you a premium guide and support while building your website.

We provide this premium support via a private Whatsapp group that you’ll be added to. This support is only available for 30 days which is more than enough to build your website.

To benefit from this premium support, you must pay ₦10,000 to our company’s account. This is only needed if you want our premium guide and support while building your website though.

Why You Need to Participate


πŸŸ₯1. Opportunity to have a website for your business, thereby raising the bar to getting more customers and making more sales.

πŸŸ₯2. You may even decide to start building website for people and get paid. This is especially good for young graduates still looking for job. If your scenario is this, the website you’ll be advised to build in the training shall be personal website as FREELANCE Website designer.

πŸŸ₯3. We shall show you how to drive traffic to your website the cheapest way using Facebook, Google Adword and other methods. This is purely BONUS.

πŸŸ₯4. If the website you’re building is a personal website such as Blog on a specific Niche, we shall show you different ways to monetise your website.

Check out few of the websites we’ve helped people build which you’ll be able to build yourself too if only you attend this training

Are you ready?

Oya, talk to us right now.

‘Operation Build Your Website Yourself’ is a monthly program. If you want to be part of the training for any month, you’ll have to fulfill the THREE terms of participation highlighted above before the first Monday of that month. For clarity and guide, you may reach us on 08155999523 (Whatsapp only) or Call Cerebrum on 08060941089.

Have you made that call? If not, what are you then waiting for? Always remember this


”The path to success is to take massive, determined actions as procrastination kills dreams ”

We are rooting for you.

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