No Secret to Success but TWO Factors

The fact is, there are many information about how to be successful; whereas success is even subjective, my opinion though. Yes, I believe success is subjective because success is what you believe it is. Having plenty money is success to some, while simply achieving financial stability is success to others. Building a happy family is success to some, while a combination of achievement in various departments of life is considered to be success by many others. So success is subjective.

However, success will definitely mean achieving what we set our mind to achieve. Realising our plan, vision and mission for living will definitely mean success. In fact, attaining peace of mind at all time will connote success. And to this end, two things are crucial to attaining this kind of success namely, God’s Grace and Hard-work.

  1. God’s Grace

The mere fact that no one has control over his or her life make it important to count on God’s grace. One doesn’t need to be sick or involve in fatal accident to die. People die of various ways, and some of these ways are unsuspicious. We’ve seen people who are hale and healthy yesterday only to be declared dead the today. Just as the Bible says, time and unforeseen circumstances befall all men. It’s therefore save to say that the very foundation for any success is life. And since it’s only God that can guarantee that, then we really need His grace to be alive. So there’s no need for any mortal man to brag because it’s only the living that pursue dreams as death ends all dreams perpetually.

This validate the fact that we need to be humble and totally depend on God. While we do our best to live aright, we still need to constantly pray for long life.

2. Hard-work

The mere fact that our years are limited is enough to be conscious of time and be serious with whatever plan we have for success. This is called hard-work. Hard work isn’t about working hard or doing some hard, physical job but being thorough, meticulous, committed, and focus to our plan. Hard work is not relenting until you achieve your daily to-do list. Hard work is readiness to change plan when it isn’t working to another plan B rather than quitting. Hard work is readiness to give the necessary sacrifice required to achieve your plan.

Simply put, in addition to every other factor you already know or that you’ll still come across as requisite for success, I believe the two factors briefly highlighted in this write-up should be the foundation.

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