Avoid Envy

Just Kill It Now.

Let the truth be told, when you see your friends and associates doing well financially and being socially recognized and accepted pretty well over and above you, you may have some dosage of jealousy especially if you are an ambitious type. This feeling doesn’t make one a bad person after all, because this type of feelings is sometimes needed as catalyst to doing great things. It could spring up some form of healthy competition. It must however be checked, tamed and be nipped in the bud if one discovers that the feelings is becoming an unhealthy envy at the slightest sight. At that stage, it must be killed.

Apart from harmful effect of envy on the health of envious ones, untamed envy leads to taking steps that could be harmful to the other person involved, even if it simply means wishing the person evil in one’s heart. I think this is one of the many factors militating against the development of Africa continent. Africans cultivate unnecessary rivalry among themselves. It is the reason for xenophobia attack that often happens in South Africa. It is the reason why some people, whose talents and gifts could have helped developed our nation, are being murdered in cold blood.

It is clear, and I’m smart enough to know, that my journey is not someone else’s journey, but mine alone. As a matter of fact, my destination doesn’t have to be same with someone else. So why should I unethically compare my life in terms of status and achievement, especially by the world’s standard, to someone else? The truth is, my happiness is defined by my perfect understanding of my earthly assignment, God’s factor, timing, and end result. I hope you feel same way about yourself too?

I therefore believe that for the sake of ourselves and our nation, we all need to check our heart with a view to uprooting all stems and seeds of unguarded envy. My submission is that, it is when we have a healthy population in terms of attitude and virtues, we may still be struggling for both personal and national development.

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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