What A Speech Credited to Jack Ma, The Owner of Alibaba.com!

I read this speech credited to the richest man in China, the owner of Alibaba.com, Jack Ma and I wish to share it. You of-course might have probably read it too but let’s still ponder over it one more time this week. It’s really worth it if you care to create wealth for yourself.

”The worst to serve are the poor people.

Give them free, they think is a trap.

Tell them its a small investment, they would say can’t earn much.

Tell them to come in big, they would say no money.

Tell them try new things, they would say no experience.

Tell them its traditional business, they would say hard to do.

Tell them its a new business model, they would say its MLM.

Tell them to run a shop, they would say no freedom.

Tell them run new business, they would say no expertise.

They do something in common,

They love to ask Google, listen to friends who are as hopeless as them;

They think more than a university professor and do less than a blind man.

Just ask them what they can do, they won’t be able to answer you.

My conclusion, instead of your heart beat faster, while not acts a bit faster.

Instead of just thinking about it, why not do something about it.

Poor people fail because their whole life is about waiting”.

I personally totally concur to this speech. What about you, my reader? The point is we all need to check ourselves up so that we are not victims of self ignorance.

The only force that can stop you from becoming what you desire is YOU.

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