9 Ways to Make Each Day of Our Life Counts

The reality of every man is nothing but his inevitable end, which is DEATH. My emphasis though is not even on death per say but the home for the dead which is the tomb or grave. How beautifully the graveyard was made and decorated is of no value at least to the occupant, the dead, who knows nothing any longer; probably it may count as measure or display of wealth, some unreasonable class distinction, among the living whose dead live there.

Graveyard is where billions of once-upon-a-time valiant and fragile, intelligent and dull, handsome and ordinary, beautiful and ugly, sexy and boring, rich and poor, and even the so called lazy, good-for-nothing people over the centuries the world has been in existence are finding solace now. And truly where myself and you, my precious reader, shall eventually go down. You need not be scared, that’s the truth which is even independent of whatever we believe. This reality makes it worthwhile for every living soul to make each day counts. Yes, we need to make each day of our life counts as this is the only difference between the living and the dead. In making each day counts, let’s remind ourselves of some important aspects of meaningful living that we often ignore.

1. Relationship with God.

In case you’re an atheist, I’m sorry that I mention this point. I believe in the existence of God, and that humans were created by Him. He is the master planner. Thus a life that shall be meaningful, purposeful and worth-living shall essentially depend on Him. While fellowshipping at worship centre is normal, yet developing and maintaining a good relationship with God goes beyond that. Hence to make each day of our life counts, we need to work at developing and maintaining a daily cordial relationship with Him. This is best done through studying, paying attention to all His creatures, meditation and fervent prayer. The summary is that one needs to be so conscious of God that in whatever decision one is making, His viewpoint on the matter should be sought for and considered. Stop committing sin at will, especially those ones that are easily entangled to one such as envy, financial corruption, adultery and fornication.

2. Self Development.

We are born sinners; in fact the inclination of every physical human is nothing but evil. It is only when a man allows an extra-ordinary spiritual force which some people called Holy Spirit that he will do well. The point is, to make each day of our life counts, we must constantly develop ourselves mentally and spiritually. Self development is needed for positive growth. This can be achieved by reading and studying inspiring spiritual books such as Bible, Bible-based publications and motivational books. One can as well see up-building films and listen to faith-strengthening music. Physical food aids physical growth; while for one to experience sound mental and spiritual growth, fervent studying is important.

3. Premium Value on Family

After one’s relationship with God, probably the most important aspect of our life should be our family. This is talking about one’s wife or husband and the children. This may even include those extended family members we feel naturally obligated to. In making each day counts, their security and welfare, both physical and spiritual, should be our priority. It’s none negotiable.

4. Career Pursuit

Poverty, they say, is an orphan. Then if one doesn’t want to be poor, one needs to work smart and not necessarily hard. We need a career that must be seriously pursued towards excellence. It’s in fact godly to have a career; after all the Christian holy book says who doesn’t work isn’t deserve food. Thus to make each day counts, we need to have a secular job.

5. Neighbour’s Love

In making each day counts, love for one’s neighbour is important. When we love our neighbour, we shall always avoid doing things that will unnecessarily hurt them. We shall always advocate for peace as this will make our world violence-free.

6. Social Responsibility

Never get it twisted, everyone has some social responsibility to carry out, not only corporate organisations. In making each day counts, we should strive to make some positive changes in our own little ways to better this world. This involves paying attention to details such as respect for other people’s property; avoiding littering the street; apologising for wrongdoing; showing courtesy; respect for the elderly ones; et cetera. Moreover it doesn’t even cost fortune to care for the needy ones especially the orphans and widows.

7. Obedience & Law Abiding

We need to be law-abiding and obedient to constituted authority. It’s even a divine requirement. There’s therefore a need to pay attention to how we live to avoid breaking laws unnecessarily. We need to be obedient to government’s instructions especially when such instructions do not violate God’s law.

8. Relaxation [Recreation, Travels, & Holidays]

One’s life must be put in balance check; and this entails time for relaxation no matter how little the time we schedule for it, ideally at evening, it must be available and religiously kept. This is good for one’s health. It’s equally good to take some days off one busy schedule as holidays and explore the beauty of other places in one’s country or abroad if one can afford it. We must remember the saying, travelling is real life education.

9Leadership [impacting on other peoples’ life]

It seems everything in the world revolves around leadership. If a system is working pretty well, it’s a result of good leadership and vice-versa. Thus if the entire world is doing great, it simply means there is good leadership in all the departments globally. We must however quickly remember that the population of the entire world comprises of individual including you and each one of us. We must therefore provide good leadership over the people we have influence on.

Making each day of our life count is important. I believe you should have other areas that can be added to these nine areas I have highlighted, then do not hesitate to underscore them in your comment. Let’s learn more.

Wishing you a rewarding daily living!

Your friend,

Cerebrum Awomude

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