12 Essentials for Success

Attaining success on the journey of life requires skills which must be learned. The earlier and better we learn those skills, the faster and accurately we become successful. The aim of this article is to briefly discuss twelve essentials, among others though, to the attainment of success.

1. Put God First.

The number one essential to becoming a success is to recognise God factor. The mere fact that we’re mortal makes it mandatory to depend on the owner of our life. He’s the only One that can ultimately protect our life and guard it towards success, after-all that’s what He desires for us. All that He requires is to fully recognise Him and obey His rules, regulations, and instructions. Though it may be difficult to do owing to our sinful nature, yet we must strive to do it as it’s a prerequisite which is non-negotiable. 

2. Discover Yourself:

Self-discovery will definitely save us from wasting precious time doing what we aren’t meant for. The act of self discovery entails accurate knowledge about our temperament and birth order. We really need this knowledge to discover our purpose for living and what we shall be good at doing. I therefore advice that you read good books on the two subjects: Temperament and Birth Order. You may start with Tim Lahaye’s book titled, “Why You Act The Way You Do”. Self discovery simply shows us our purpose for living; from which we shall be able to draw up our goals, both lifetime and immediate goals. Having known our goals, we can then map out our plan for success, both long and short terms goals. It’s our action that will finally drive our plan to success land.

    -Purpose births Goals [Lifetime & Immediate Terms]

    -Goals birth Plans [Long & Short Terms]

    -Plans birth Actions.

3. Prune, Renew and Develop Yourself:

Having discovered who we are, there’s a crucial need to keep on developing oneself as that’s the only thing that can virtually guarantee growth. I would advice that to keep-up on self development, the following three things are essential among others though

-Listening to Right Music that motivates and inspires. We should avoid debasing music that does nothing than killing one’s spiritual growth and creativity. This should include listening to invaluable teaching and coaching tapes from respected authority that are worthy of emulation; I mean people who have literally achieved what we’re striving to attain.

-Reading the Right Books that add value to our intellectual growth and not those ones that drain it. We need to attend life-improving seminars and even participate in webinars.

-Associate with the Right People. On the journey of life, we can’t afford to become friends with every tom, dick and harry. We must be selective. We can only associate with people who have similar values as we do. People that can add value to us as much as we shall impact on them. Iron, they say, sharpens iron!

I have come to understand one truth which is, age births understanding and experience. As we grow in age, we tend to understand things better. In fact our experiences increase as well. We tend to show more understanding with people around us as we become more tolerable. It’s therefore important that we leverage on this to prune and renew ourselves towards attainment of success.

4. Try All Angles

Success really requires a great deal of efforts. If a plan is not working accordingly, that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve our goals. All that means is to be flexible, re-strategise and change the plan. And the bitter truth is that you keep on doing this until you achieve the goal. This is called total commitment and dedication. No retreat, No surrender. That’s what Inventor Thomas Alva Edison passed through before he could give the world light bulb and even many of his other inventions. Quitters, they say, never win, but winners never quit.

5. Manage Time Efficiently

The most valuable resource in the world is time. It is more valuable than money and other natural resources because it can’t be recovered once it is lost. People do say time is money, but I would rather say time is life. There’s an appointed time for everything under the sun. The amount of energy and strength we have during our youthful age must essentially be higher than when we are advanced in age. Thus we do have capability for exploit when we’re young adult than we’re growing old. Time management therefore means to do the right thing at the right time. Though sometime because of our imperfection we make gross mistake that we later realise we’ve wasted a lots of time; yet we shouldn’t be discouraged to pick up our life and still forge ahead to the attainment of purpose towards success. But we will definitely do ourselves a lot of good if we strive to be conscious of time early enough to take the right actions at the right time.

6. Always Think

You must have heard the axiom that says look before you leap. This, in other words, simply means to think before we do anything. Success requires strategic thinking before actions are taken. To attain success, one must be a brilliant thinker. A thinker doesn’t have time for frivolous things nor every tom, dick and harry.

7. Never Dwell on the Past

Past should be left in the past. Past is dead, so be it. It would amount to a very futile effort to be wallowing in the past. It’s more profitable to dwell on present and probably plan for tomorrow.

8. Forgive freely but be Wise

Humans are imperfect, thus people must offend us as we would to some too. There’s no sense in harbouring resentment because it’s only detrimental to one’s health and not even the offender. It’s therefore imperative that we forgive people freely whenever they offend us at least for the sake of one’s health and happiness. However we need to be wise to learn so that we won’t continuously be used by people for their selfish reasons.

9. If You Must Marry, Get It Right!

It’s important to marry someone whose vision and purpose for living entangles with one; otherwise there would always be confusion and destiny clash. I believe this is one of the reasons for courtship. Courtship is for compatibility test. While physical beauty and handsomeness is great, of course subjective, yet other factors like spirituality, emotional stability, and clarity of purpose are more imperative in choosing a marriage mate. They are objectives factors. Marriage is meant to be a lifetime contract, so to say; consequently extra caution should be employed.

10. There Will Definitely Be Fear, But You Must Conquer It  

Have you noticed that whenever you want to embark on something new, there’s always this fear that crop up in your mind. Perhaps you want to start a business, the fear about whether the business will be successful or not will definitely cross your mind. Let me even confess that fear has held me back to start this blog several months ago thinking about what would be the disposition of people about it. It’s crazy right? The point is no matter what we set out to do, there must definitely be fear but we must conquer it by starting it. We need not ignore that fear but rather we convert the fear to that propelling force we need to carry on.

11. Clap for Yourself & Celebrate Little Successes with Your Team

We don’t need the world to celebrate us because sometime the world may be cruel; rather we celebrate ourselves as the only architect of our own happiness. Therefore when we achieve little success that will eventually lead to realisation of our ultimate vision, we do need to celebrate that. We must celebrate that with the people that help us make it happen. This will definitely open doors to the realisation of the rest goals.

12. Never Quench the Fire, Dream More.

Success is never final. This simply means that we must always dream more to explore more area to conquer. The day we lack dream for more exploit, that’s literally the day we die though we may still be physically alive.

In conclusion, information that can help us to fast-track our attainment of success is crucial. I believe you should have other areas that can be added to these twelve essentials I have highlighted, please do not hesitate to underline them in your comment. Let’s learn more from you.

Wishing you a rewarding week!

Your friend,

Cerebrum Olubukola Awomude

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